Biblical studies

One of the major projects of this blog is to assemble a collection of articles on biblical studies, drawing on modern critical Bible scholarship.

Codex Sinaiticus, a major early text of the Bible

What follows is an index of such articles posted to date.

The Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)

El, Yahweh and the development of monotheism in ancient Israel

Reflections on the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)

Notes on the Pentateuch

Notes on the Hebrew prophets

Old Testament law codes and Israelite society

Polytheism in the Bible

Yahwism in ancient Israel

Monotheism and polytheism in ancient Israel

Apocalyptic literature in the Old Testament

Both Testaments and extra-biblical writings

The Messiah and the Son of Man

John the Baptist, apocalyptic literature and the Day of Yahweh

The Antichrist

Themes in apocryphal apocalyptic writings

The New Testament

The New Testament - A critical introduction

A critical introduction to the gospels - Part 1 (Matthew, Mark and Luke)

A critical introduction to the gospels - Part 2 (John)

Some pieces of very early church tradition preserved in the New Testament

The Historical Paul

Pauline Christianity

Women in St Paul

Forged and Forgery and Counterforgery by Bart Ehrman

The composition of the non-Pauline epistles

Apocalyptic literature in the New Testament

Approaches to the Bible

Traditional Catholic views on the inspiration of the Bible

A 19th century Anglican priest on the inspiration of the Bible

Review of "The Old Testament: A Very Short Introduction" by Michael Coogan