Tuesday, 15 March 2016

"Jesus Before the Gospels" by Bart Ehrman

This is the latest book by Bart Ehrman, the New Testament scholar and popular writer.  In it, he seeks to track what happened to memories of Jesus of Nazareth in the interval between the time of his ministry and the appearance of the Gospels.

Friday, 4 March 2016

"Hands of Apostasy: Essays on Traditional Witchcraft", Michael Howard and Daniel A. Schulke (eds)

A guest review by Dr Francis Young

Following on from Michael Howard’s Children of Cain (2011), a history of traditional witchcraft in the UK (and, to some extent, in the USA), this volume is a collection of essays by experts in and practitioners of traditional craft. The volume is a valuable contribution insofar as it reveals the sheer diversity of those traditions that might be labelled ‘traditional witchcraft’. In contrast to Gardnerian Wiccans, practitioners of traditional witchcraft are reluctant to adopt a reductionist approach to traditional practices, and generally accept them whole and unreconstructed into the loose family of traditions that constitutes traditional witchcraft. Perhaps most notably, traditional witchcraft embraces traditions that draw on Christian imagery, words and symbolism and avoids the retrospective ‘paganisation’ of occult traditions of which Wiccans have sometimes been guilty.